Sirens of Chrome – The Motion Picture

A beautiful, young model from the Motor City enters the glamorous world of international auto shows, and quickly realizes that a childhood dream may be moving too fast … but for whom?

This docudrama-styled motion picture focuses on how the ingenious pairing of beautiful women and cars has influenced five generations of global fashion, design, commerce, romance and status. What started as the promotion of simple transportation in America has evolved into a sophisticated promise of prestige and passion worldwide.

The behind-the-scenes activities of designers, engineers, executives and auto shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, New York, Miami, Geneva, Modena, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Maranello, Shanghai, Bejing and Wuhan provide the backdrop for the dramatic, provocative and often humorous tales that punctuate this motion picture. The glamorous yet demanding lifestyles of professionals, celebrities and fashionistas will be experienced through the eyes of a young woman. She struggles to fulfill her dream of becoming an international auto show model for one of the most pretigeous car companies in the world despite some handicaps rooted in her past.

The advantages of blending human liaisons and sheet metal are a unique foundation for this original story. It includes the historical transformation of stylish models as female ornamentation to educators. From the inner sanctums of executive offices to that of international fashion designers, this film provides a perspective that few have ever witnessed.

The Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn Michigan is the base for this production. The Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, the Detroit Yacht Club, the Petersen Museum and European fashion salons will be used to reenactment some of the historical scenes. They are all part of the nostalgic and modern stories that prove how the concept of beauty and fashion has been subtly yet successfully exported around the world. It’s an international story rooted in Detroit and produced in Michigan.”


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