The Prince of the Detroit Royal Family

admin | August 30, 2010

Edsel and Eleanor Ford were the parents of four children. Henry Ford II was born in 1917, Bensen in 1919, Josephine in 1923 and William in 1925.  The entire family moved to the Ford Estate home on Lakeshore Drive in Grosse Pointe at Christmas time in 1929. As grandchildren of Henry Ford, the great automotive [...]

Mr. House and the “Boulevard of Dreams”

admin | August 13, 2010

The year was 1994 and a Ferndale plumber, Nelson House, being community minded, decided the city needed a children’s soccer field. So he enlisted the support of the community to make this happen. The idea was a fund raiser focusing on a “remembrance time” when classic cars cruised the strip of Woodward Avenue. The idea [...]

The Spanish Conqueror

admin | August 5, 2010

One of the most successful car launches in automotive history was the entry of the DeSoto in 1929. The vehicles were built until 1961. Produced by Chrysler as a mid-priced vehicle it entered the market at a highly competitive time and helped lay claim to an empire. GM had the slogan a “car for every [...]

The Ultimate Auto Tour

admin | August 3, 2010

The creation of the Rouge River Plant began when Henry Ford started buying marshland along the Rouge River in 1915 eventually acquiring over 2,000 acres. Groundbreaking occurred in 1917 for the first Rouge building. Construction was completed in 1928 when it attained the distinction as the largest integrated factory in the world. The first product [...]