The Reign of the Model T- October 1, 1908 – May 26, 1927

admin | May 24, 2010

It put Detroit on the international map. The development of the sturdy, low priced Model T in 1908 made Henry Ford’s company the biggest in the industry. By 1914, the moving assembly line enabled Ford to produce more cars than any other company. Thus, the Model T and mass production secured Ford’s name in automotive [...]

05/12/2010 Margery Krevsky to be featured

admin | May 13, 2010

Contact name: Margery Krevsky Phone # 800-437-9815 / email:   Release date:  May 12, 2010   Bingham Farms, MI – Productions Plus – The Talent Shop announced today that its Owner and CEO, Margery Krevsky, will be the featured guest on The Growth Strategist™,  a nationally known Internet radio program hosted by Aldonna [...]