The Electric Car is not a new idea!

admin | January 25, 2010

Current automotive magazines, auto shows, and dealer show rooms applaud the technology of the electric car. Many people think this is a new technological innovation as a result of high gasoline prices and the energy crisis. Actually, electricity was among the preferred methods of auto propulsion beginning at the birth of the auto industry in [...]

The North American International Auto Show 2010

admin | January 19, 2010

Why do people attend the show? Cobo Hall was the destination of choice for many people on the first day the doors were open to the public. The attraction for this show spreads beyond the borders of metro Detroit. It is part of the tradition of many Midwesterners and Canadians. Lifetime workers in the automotive [...]

North American International Auto Show Press Preview -2010

admin | January 15, 2010

It was as Hollywood as Detroit can get even with the film industry in residence here in Michigan. No one can upstage the Motor City when it comes to talking about cars and showing them off to the world. At Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit cameras were focused, video was running, and car stories were [...]

Detroit Auto Show 2010

admin | January 4, 2010

 The automotive business may be revved down but Detroit is charged up about the upcoming mega event, the Detroit auto show. So it’s show time again in Motown and it will have more horsepower and drive than the 2009 model. National and International reporters will flock to Detroit to attend the press days showing concept [...]