Magazines: Between the covers of the auto Industry

admin | October 27, 2009

Recently I learned some sad news. My favorite magazine Gourmet is being discontinued after more than 50 years of publication. I learned to cook from this magazine and created many memorable dinners from its’ featured menus. I and many other fans shall miss this miss this printed wonder of cuisine. I started thinking about how [...]

Fashionable People, High Fashion Cars

Margery Krevsky | October 15, 2009

From October 18 to January 17, the Detroit Institute of Arts will showcase 200 works of Richard Avedon, the premier fashion photographer of the 20th Century. He captured the fashion, social, political and cultural changes influencing the lives of women and fashion mainly in the 1950’s and 60’s. During this time car design (fashion) was [...]

Revealing Car Messages

admin | October 6, 2009

Hear the whoosh of the fabric sliding off the car, feel it snap in the air as the crowds cheer. You might see dancers prance on stage, svelte models draw up their arms like ancient priestesses, wind, smoke and lights sparkle and corporate executives speaking with the reverence of southern preachers as they introduce a [...]