Dagmars Protrude the Sensual Dream

admin | September 30, 2009

Looking at Cars and Fashion: What piece of women’s underwear influenced car designers in the 1950′s? Answer: The conical bra By Margery Krevsky Watch a 1957 Cadillac roll by on its way to a classic car show and you find yourself smiling a little broader, breathing a little deeper, and preening toward the vehicle and [...]

AUTOS and ART –The Beginning Years – By Margery Krevsky

admin | September 14, 2009

Since the creation of the automobile artists have been intrigued by the history, lore, and mythology of speed and the vehicle that could produce it. One of the first advertising techniques associated with the auto industry was the art poster or renderings of vehicles producing a story while creating a desire to buy. One of [...]

Distinctly American Auto Shows – The Beat Goes on!

admin | September 1, 2009

It is my opinion that this time of year is more like the beginning of a new year than January! Kids return to school, the weather turns and auto show training for a plethora of Product Specialists takes places. It’s time to rev up for the new auto show season 2009/10. This month the organizers [...]