Some Where in Time – Packard Prowess

Margery Krevsky | August 28, 2009

When the foundation that maintains the William E. Scripps Estate in Lake Orion sought to host a fundraiser, the organizers found the most natural idea was a public festival of classic cars and a tour of the 1927 Norman Revival mansion. Packard vehicles are the nameplate chosen to magnetize visitors from around southeast Michigan for [...]

The Cars are the Stars – But Oh those Second Bananas!

admin | August 25, 2009

By Margery Krevsky Amid the excitement of gleaming concept cars and full-wall video screens showing the latest technology at major auto shows there are also the “second bananas” or the product specialists who do the talking for these beautiful silent stars. They are much more than models draping an automobile. They are the smart auto [...]

CAR PARADE on Woodward Avenue

admin | August 13, 2009

By Margery Krevsky In Detroit the mighty road which defines the city is Woodward Avenue. It is the line of demarcation, separating the east side and the west side of the city. It is the pavement stage for many traditional Thanksgiving Day parades, and is the link to the northern suburbs. It is the curbstone [...]

Fashion – Wine – Vintage Cars

admin | August 6, 2009

    During the Meadowbrook Concours d ‘Elegance I saw vintage cars I had only seen in photos , connected with car culture people from all over the world and experienced the great event of Concours. One of the highlights was meeting Sylvie LaChance from Canada. She had responded to one of my blogs in [...]