Road Tripping – Summer 2009 – Tunes and flicks and hangin’ out!

admin | June 10, 2009

Vroom, vroom, the engines are revving up for a long journey to somewhere. And we want to get on board, we crave the notion of going somewhere to see new sights, landmarks, be a tourist. Car culture reaches extraordinary heights in summer and whets the appetite for car expos and auto shows all year round. [...]

This year marks Alice Ramsey’s June 9,1909 100th Anniversary of being the first woman to drive across the USA

admin | June 4, 2009

Getting itchy for an adventure? Maybe it is time for a road trip. The first ultimate road trip was from New York City to San Francisco in 59 days. The idea was conceived by Cadwallader Kelsey, sales manager for the Maxwell automobile Company. He was a visionary known for creating incredible publicity venues. He proposed [...]