The Human Hood Ornament – an Automotive Tradition

Margery Krevsky | May 26, 2009

The “Goddess of Speed” concept has been part of automotive marketing since the creation of wheels. Early marketing efforts took this visual concept and made it part of car culture. The world’s most recognizable hood ornament “The Spirit of Ecstasy” is the official ornament of Rolls-Royce created in 1911. Almost 100 years later it remains [...]

Driving Miss Lizzie And Miss Lizzie Learning to Drive

admin | May 4, 2009

Wealthy women represented a major market share of car owners in the early years of automobiles. They didn’t drive themselves as they could afford a chauffeur. Also, gas engine vehicles were difficult to drive and the radical concept of driving schools was non-existent. Women were enticed by the luxury, sophistication and power of the car. [...]