Depression Diva

admin | March 24, 2009

During my book signing travels the past couple of months, I have been asked repeatedly what propelled me to write “Sirens of Chrome.” That’s a great question and the best answer is: I have heard lots of stories during my two decades in this business and many of them have been so compelling I had [...]

Model Topic Suits the Business Ladies in Suits

admin | March 11, 2009

  A capacity crowd greeted me on March 5th for a presentation, “Model Year Change Over. . .Not Just Another Pretty Face.” Fifty-five people attended the presentation, which included my presentation, “Sirens of Chrome: The Enduring Allure of Auto Show Models”. Twenty-two people bought books and nearly everyone gained knowledge. The Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation, [...]

Wheels and Wine – Taking the Test Drive

admin | March 10, 2009

By Thomas Rowland Wine & Leisure enthusiast and car guy at large Tasting a wine is like driving a car, its all about the “experience”. With some 4,700 wineries in the US alone and more Americans drinking wine today, understanding the “Drivers Ed” basics won’t turn your water into wine but it will help you [...]