Margery Krevsky | January 27, 2009

Fashion has always been a keynote of the auto shows – cars transform each year morphing historically from excess chrome to sleek simplicity. Interestingly fashion designers parallel what car designers are doing.  The fabrications are different from sheet metal to taffeta- from steel and plastic moldings to stretch denim and leather. If we ride back [...]

The Detroit Black Tie Charity Preview

Margery Krevsky | January 16, 2009

Detroit’s biggest party night is tonight. It completes almost a week of press events and interface with the international press. Yes, they were here this year, not as many as in the past, but the city vibrated with the sounds of German, Japanese and accented English. It made Detroit feel like an exceedingly cosmopolitan city. [...]

Reporting From the Auto Show – Detroit – Cobo Hall

Margery Krevsky | January 13, 2009

The Cars Are the Stars This Year It is back to business and basics at the North American International Auto Show, which today held its first day of press conferences. Media from all over the world are here to view the exhibits and hear automotive executives discuss new products, concept cars and the state of [...]

Ogling Models – By Jim Hiller

Margery Krevsky | January 4, 2009

Ogling Models By Jim Hiller As a motor city boy born and bred I was destined to be autocentric at birth. Neighborhood status had no time for clothing labels, size of home or any non-Detroit-pecking order metrics. American-built automotive iron defined it all. Woe unto any red-blooded Detroit boy who could not quote chapter and [...]