Wheels and Wine – Taking the Test Drive

admin | March 10, 2009

By Thomas Rowland Wine & Leisure enthusiast and car guy at large Tasting a wine is like driving a car, its all about the “experience”. With some 4,700 wineries in the US alone and more Americans drinking wine today, understanding the “Drivers Ed” basics won’t turn your water into wine but it will help you [...]

Ogling Models – By Jim Hiller

Margery Krevsky | January 4, 2009

Ogling Models By Jim Hiller As a motor city boy born and bred I was destined to be autocentric at birth. Neighborhood status had no time for clothing labels, size of home or any non-Detroit-pecking order metrics. American-built automotive iron defined it all. Woe unto any red-blooded Detroit boy who could not quote chapter and [...]